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Vermont’s Climate Progress: What’s Happening, What’s Not, What’s Needed

Thank you to everyone who attended our recent webinar, Vermont’s Climate Progress: What’s Happening, What’s Not, What’s Needed. You can find a recording of the webinar here, in case you want to rewatch or you missed any of it.  You can also check out Energy Action Network’s (EAN) presentation slides and their full report.

As you heard from EAN today, Vermont has made progress on our climate obligations, but the ramp to meet those obligations gets steeper and that means the state needs to step up. As we look ahead to the significant opportunity for climate this upcoming legislative session, we’ll be holding a series of policy deeper dive webinars to outline our key legislative priorities. 

Learn more and register to join us at the upcoming webinars below – together, we can take strong climate action and meet the challenges Vermont faces. 

The Opportunity In Modernizing Vermont’s Renewable Energy Standard – Wednesday, December 13th at 12pm

Join us to learn about crucial updates needed to ensure Vermont’s Renewable Energy Standard helps us reduce emissions and increase in-state renewable generation.  

Making Big Oil Pay  – Monday, December 18th at 12pm

Come learn how those who profited off the dirty energy systems that caused the climate crisis should be the ones to pay the price here in Vermont. 

Climate Resiliency – What’s Needed, What’s Possible – Monday, January 8th at 12pm

Vermont needs nature-based solutions, climate-resilient infrastructure, improved government response and capacity, and a suite of funding solutions to make these critical investments. Join us to learn more about these solutions and how you can get involved in creating a more resilient Vermont.