Climate Dispatch: The Renewable Energy Standard with Senator Chris Bray

This week, the Senate Natural Resources and Energy committee held a special Monday committee hearing to debate and vote out the modernized Renewable Energy Standard bill (H.289) and did so on a 4-1 committee vote. The bill will now move through the Senate Finance and Appropriations committees before it goes to a full Senate vote.

Other priority climate bills that are also moving through House committees as they work their way to the floor include House Ways and Means passing out the Flood Safety Act (S.213)  and both the House Judiciary and Ways and Means committees voting out the Climate Change Super Fund (S.259).

Today’s Episode

On this week’s Climate Dispatch, we speak to the Chair of the Senate Natural Resources and Energy Committee, Senator Chris Bray (D-Addison County) and Ben Edgerly Walsh of VPIRG about the Renewable Energy Standard and updates on key energy and climate priorities.

Call to Action

Modernizing the Vermont Renewable Energy Standard can and should be done this year, but we need to make sure that all members of the Senate know that it’s a priority. Please take a moment to contact your Senator(s) to urge them to support modernizing the Vermont Renewable Energy Standard so that Vermont can have 100% clean energy and more in-state and regional renewables!