Clean Water

VNRC is a leader in the protection, restoration, and enhancement of Vermont’s water resources, which are irreplaceable elements of the state’s landscape and natural heritage. Caring for our waters is increasingly important to maintain Vermont’s resilience in a changing climate and amid the threat posed by toxic chemicals, including pesticides, to our drinking water.

For questions or inquiries:

Jon Groveman, Policy and Water Program Director

802-223-2328 x111

[email protected]

Karina Dailey, Restoration Ecologist

802-223-2328 x123

[email protected]

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At A Glance

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Stewarding Clean Water and Drinking Water

Protecting Vermont's rivers, lakes, ponds, streams, and groundwater

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Protecting Wetlands

Advancing legislation and regulatory changes that protect these ecologically valuable areas

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Removing Unused and Unmaintained Dams

Restoring and reconnecting our rivers through dam removal across Vermont

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Clean Water News

WATCH: Ghost Dams are in the News!

Someone recently called VNRC a team of ghostbusters for dam removal. We’re more than okay with that! WATCH this segment from WCAX-TV and learn all about a ghost dam in…

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ghost dams

Ghost Dams Continue to Haunt Vermont

Remember the Ghost Dam? It’s back to haunt you (and the river it fragments).  A ghost dam is an abandoned, derelict dam that has not been previously identified by the State’s…

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ghost dam

Ever Heard of….a Ghost Dam?

Have you ever heard of a Ghost Dam? Sounds spooky, doesn’t it. A ghost dam is a dam that has not been identified by the larger community, and is perhaps…

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Water Caucus

Collaborating on clean water

VNRC created the Water Caucus to better involve environmental advocates and watershed groups in the development and implementation of sound water policy and legislation. The Water Caucus fosters discussion and encourages engagement around a range of issues, including clean water funding, stormwater management, dam regulation, and more.

If your organization is interested in becoming a member of the Water Caucus, contact VNRC’s Policy and Water Program Director, Jon Groveman, at [email protected] or 802-223-2328, x111.

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Clean water makes great beer

In November 2019, VNRC launched the Vermont Brewshed® Alliance (the "Brewshed") to engage craft breweries in protecting clean water. An extension of VNRC’s conservation efforts, the Brewshed is a mutually-beneficial partnership between breweries, pubs, and VNRC to engage our members and their patrons in protecting the clean water we all depend on.

Stay tuned for events and special collaborations with breweries across Vermont!

Learn more about the Brewshed.
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