VNRC keeps a daily presence at the State House to provide expertise and advocate for legislation that promotes the quality of Vermont's environment. Throughout our history we have been responsible for passage of some of Vermont’s landmark environmental laws. On this page, you'll find a summary of current bills we're working with, what they mean, and where they stand in the Legislature.

Legislative News

Three Things: Huge Success for the Environment! Historic Veto Overrides of the Act 250 Modernization Bill, Renewable Energy Standard, and Neonicotinoid Pesticide Ban!

Three Things: In a record-setting veto override session, three of VNRC’s top priorities made it into law in a historic year for Vermont’s commitment to the environment and sustainable communities….

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Two Things: Veto Overrides and the State of the Lake

Two Things: A legislative update as the veto override session approaches, and the 2024 State of the Lake Report. Stay informed, stay connected – two things. Key Bills Head for…

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Climate Superfund Law Enacted; Vermont Becomes First State to Hold Big Oil Financially Responsible for a Fair Share of Climate Damages

MONTPELIER – Legislation authorizing the State of Vermont to recoup financial damages caused by climate change from major fossil fuel companies became law today when Governor Phil Scott failed to…

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Act 250

Act 250

The legislation that has protected Vermont for 50 years.

Act 250 has helped shape the Vermont we love today. But, the program is more than 50 years old and should be updated to meet all of today’s challenges, including climate change, forest fragmentation, and increasing the availability of affordable, smart growth housing. It is time to consider how Act 250 can be reformed to better support help address our housing crisis while simultaneously protecting our natural resources and communities. Solutions to these issues can go hand in hand. In 2024, VNRC is looking forward to working with legislators, and partners such as planning commission leaders, housing developers, The Forest Partnership, climate advocates, and many more, to advance Act 250 reform that can strengthen Vermont’s environment, communities, and the overall quality of life in our state.

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Resilience Policies

Protecting our waterways and strengthening our communities

As Vermont experienced firsthand this summer, the climate crisis is already threatening our communities through increasingly severe weather events and flooding. The Legislature must work swiftly and strategically to advance policies that strengthen our resilience, protect critical natural resources and waterways, and support our communities in adapting to climate change. Learn more about the importance of protecting our wetlands and riparian areas, and the key resilience recommendations VNRC is advocating for this Legislative session, below.

Learn more about our key resilience recommendations for 2024.
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