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VNRC Supports Regional Effort to Transform our Transportation Sector

Yesterday, nine states and the District of Columbia, including Vermont, announced their commitment to taking a more serious step forward to tackle carbon emissions from the transportation sector. Find the announcement here.

The coalition, called the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI), intends to design a new regional low-carbon transportation policy proposal within the year. The policy would cap and reduce carbon emissions from the combustion of transportation fuels and invest proceeds from the program into low-carbon and more resilient transportation infrastructure.

The Vermont Natural Resources Council (VNRC) has been working collaboratively with other Northeast organizations and allies to support this state-led regional effort to transform our transportation sector. Read these advocates’ response to the TCI announcement here.

“There are tremendous environmental, economic and equity-creating benefits at our fingertips if we get serious about transforming our outdated regional transportation system,” said Johanna Miller, Energy and Climate Action Program Director at VNRC. “We can create a cleaner, more efficient, accessible and affordable 21st century transportation network but we need supportive policy frameworks that drive that innovation and transformation. Broad and bold political leadership is essential and today’s announcement is a positive step forward.”

“However,” Miller added, “the ultimate test will be whether Governor Scott and his peers across New England stand ready to move beyond the planning stage to the implementation of an economy wide approach to reduce greenhouse emissions in our antiquated transportation sector, once the TCI develops its policy.”

Transportation is currently Vermont’s least renewable energy sector and the largest source of pollution in the state, generating 42% of our greenhouse gas emissions.

Johanna Miller, Energy & Climate Action Program Director
Vermont Natural Resources Council
802-371-9611 / jmiller@vnrc.org