Climate Dispatch: Climate Change Superfund with Rep. Martin Lalonde

This week in the State House there has been lots of movement on many important climate, clean energy and resilience bills, including the House Environment and Energy Committee taking up the Flood Safety Act (S.213) and the miscellaneous Public Utility Commission bill (S.305). There was also a joint hearing of House Judiciary and House Environment and Energy to consider the Climate Change Superfund Act (S.259).  Further, the full House unanimously passed a bill to ban PFAS and other harmful chemicals from cosmetic and menstrual products, and it bans PFAS from apparel, children’s products, artificial turf, and cookware (S.25). Despite a disappointing last-minute amendment that allows more toxic lead in cosmetic products, the bill overall is a big win for Vermonters’ health. It is now headed back to the Senate.

Today’s Episode

On this week’s Climate Dispatch, Chair of the House Judiciary Committee Representative Martin Lalonde (D-South Burlington) joins Johanna Miller and Ben Edgerly Walsh to speak about the importance of the Climate Change Superfund Act – which would hold some of the largest fossil fuel companies responsible for climate disasters – and its expected path through the House.  You can find videos of committee testimony on the Climate Change Super Fund Act and follow along here.

Call to Action

Please call or email your Representatives and ask them to vote for the Climate Change Superfund Act (S.259)! Fossil fuel corporations must help pay for the costly damage their products have caused, helping ensure Vermonters aren’t singularly responsible to pay for essential and ensuing investments in climate resilience and infrastructure. Find out if your representatives sponsored one of the Climate Change Superfund bills here. Find your Representatives’ contact information here.