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Three Things: Housing, Heat, and Membership

Three things: Read a recent commentary on smart-growth housing by Sustainable Communities Program Director, Kati Gallagher; and members, let us know what issues you care about! Plus, today we need you to take action—sign the petition, and support the Affordable Heat Act.

Stay informed, connected, and engaged—three things.

Member Survey: We Want to Hear From You!

VNRC is working to strengthen our relationships with our members, partners and activists and learn which issues most motivate you! By filling out the survey in the button below, you will help us better respond to the concerns facing Vermonters, and help us shape our communications, outreach, and fundraising in a way that fits your preferences and enhances our ability to be successful advocating for a healthy Vermont in a warming world. 

All responses are confidential. Respondents will be offered the chance to enter a raffle to win a locally handmade cutting board valued at over $100.

Smart Growth Housing is a Critical Climate Solution

How we use and develop land dictates where we can live, how much we drive, and whether or not we protect our farm and forest lands. Here in Vermont, we benefit from decades of community-driven land use planning that set our state apart for protecting natural resources while fostering our downtowns and village centers.  Yet we’re also experiencing – along with the rest of the country – the impacts of land development that has been misguided or poorly planned through the connected crises of climate change, biodiversity loss, and housing affordability.

Read more in our recent commentary here.

Support the Affordable Heat Act: Sign the Petition

After weeks of testimony, the Vermont Senate Natural Resources & Energy Committee is expected to vote as soon as this Friday on S.5, the Affordable Heat Act, and we anticipate a full Senate vote soon. This legislation is the culmination of years of work and analysis, represents a key pillar of the state’s adopted Climate Action Plan, and is a top priority for VNRC. 

If enacted, this policy will begin to disentangle Vermonters from their dependence on expensive, price-volatile, and polluting fossil fuels. Instead, it would require the fossil fuel heating industry to offer Vermonters cleaner options – so when people go to replace their oil furnace, for example, they are offered more affordable heat pumps, weatherization services, or advanced wood heat options.

We need to step up to act on the climate crisis. Sticking with the status quo is hurting the environment, draining our bank accounts, and harming our health. Your help is critical to cut through the confusion and misinformation. Urge your legislators to support the Affordable Heat Act.

Please click here to sign our petition. We’ll hand deliver it to your Senator(s) to let them know that you support bold climate action, and that you want the Senate to advance the Affordable Heat Act.