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Appointment of Chris Herrick as Vermont’s Fish and Wildlife Commissioner

Audubon Vermont and Vermont Natural Resources Council join in thanking Governor Scott for the appointment of Chris Herrick to be Commissioner of Vermont Fish and Wildlife. We are optimistic that the Governor’s choice of someone with demonstrated leadership skills in the public sector, and stated commitment to conserving and protecting our wildlife and the places our wildlife need to thrive, will serve Vermont well.

Brian Shupe, Executive Director of Vermont Natural Resources Council, states “while we have not worked directly with Chris, we appreciate his reputation as a solid manager and are hopeful that he will bring strong support for the department’s mission of conserving Vermont’s wildlife and wildlife habitat during these challenging times.  We look forward to continuing our partnership with the Department under his leadership.”

David Mears, Executive Director of Audubon Vermont, reflects “I had the benefit of observing Commissioner Herrick’s work ethic and leadership in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Irene and the floods — his competence and responsiveness to the needs of Vermonters in the midst of that crisis are strong indicators of his ability to lead the Department of Fish and Wildlife at time when our birds, fish and wildlife are facing their own crisis: the dual threats of climate change and loss of habitat.”

Read the full press release announcing Herrick’s appointment here.


David Mears, Audubon Vermont, [email protected], (802) 434-3006
Brian Shupe, Vermont Natural Resources Council, [email protected], (802)-223-2328