Climate Dispatch—April 2, 2021: Sen. Andrew Perchlik

In today’s Climate Dispatch, we connect with Senator Andrew Perchlik, a member of the Senate Transportation Committee and a clean energy expert. Hear Senator Perchlik’s perspective on the annual Transportation Bill (or T-Bill) before his committee, and his thoughts on the many money-saving, public health and climate benefits of transforming our current outdated and inequitable mobility system. You can find some highlights about the T-bill here.

You’ll also get a brief update on the potential opportunity before Vermont to invest a significant portion of American Rescue Plan Act dollars — more than $1 billion coming into state coffers — into climate-beneficial strategies that reduce energy bills, put Vermonters to work in well paying jobs, create more efficient, affordable housing, and more. The House passed an initial budget which puts $40 million into weatherization and low-income community energy solutions

That’s a great start. Now it’s the Senate’s turn.

Call to action

As the Senate considers the budget and once-in-a-generation opportunity for climate investments, your Senators need to hear from you!

Connect with your Senators today and ask them to maximize this opportunity by significantly increasing investments in climate solutions. We shared initial thoughts back in January, but we will be sure to share more specific thoughts on what that looks like from our perspective very soon.