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What’s in Your Water?

The Watershed Management Division has just released its biannual list of polluted streams in Vermont.  You can also read a really interesting biannual report from 2012 on the state of our waters. These two reports are the single best assessments of how we’re doing with respect to keeping our waters clean and healthy.  They’re listed by watershed so you can easily hone in on your favorite streams.

Follow this link and scroll down to look at the 2014 Priority Waters List.

Part A is streams that are polluted with no plan for cleaning them up.
Part B is the section that has the polluted waters where ANR believes it has a plan besides a TMDL to clean them up (but are still impaired).
Part D is waters that are polluted but a TMDL has been drafted as a plan to clean them up.
Part E is waters that are troubled by invasive species.
Part F are those waters that are in trouble – primarily due to impacts from hydropower dams.