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Two Things: Legislative Action on Clean Energy and Flood Safety

Two Things: We’re asking you to reach out to your lawmakers in support of two key bills that are headed for big votes in the State House this week!  

Stay informed, stay connected – two things. 

Tell your Senators: Support H.289 to Modernize the Renewable Energy Standard 

A bill to modernize Vermont’s Renewable Energy Standard (H.289) is headed for a vote by the full Senate this week. H.289 would reform our existing Renewable Energy Standard to meet the urgency of the climate crisis and put Vermont on a path to becoming 100% renewable by 2035, while significantly increasing new renewable generation in Vermont and the New England region. Specifically, H.289 would:

  • New Renewables in Vermont: Doubles the amount of new renewables Vermont utilities are required to build in the state – in particular small and medium-sized renewables – from 10% to 20% of the electricity they deliver.
  • Regional Additionality: Creates a new requirement for Vermont utilities to provide their customers with additional, new renewable energy of any size from anywhere in the region by 2035.
  • 100% Renewable: Requires all Vermont utilities to provide 100% renewable electricity to their customers – by 2030 for Green Mountain Power and Vermont Electric Coop, and by 2035 for other utilities that are not already at 100% renewable.

Tell your Representatives: Support S.213 to Mitigate Flood Risk and Build Climate Resilience

A bill to help Vermont become more resilient from climate change and future flooding (S.213) is headed for a vote by the full House this week. S.213 would take important steps toward safeguarding Vermont’s communities from climate-induced flooding by protecting our wetlands and river corridors, and improving dam safety. This bill includes the following key provisions:

  • River Corridor Protections: Ensures that future development can be strategically situated away from harm’s way in high-hazard river corridors through statewide oversight, allowing rivers the space needed to store and slow floodwaters.
  • Wetland Protections: Helps to mitigate flood risk by improved mapping and reporting of wetlands, coupled with establishing a 2:1 wetland net-gain policy to reverse historic wetland loss.
  • Dam Safety: Strengthens oversight and maintenance requirements for dam owners, as well as investing in the strategic removal of dams that are exacerbating flooding.

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