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Working for You and the Planet on Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!

Today, VNRC is celebrating our commitment to the planet by representing your environmental interests in the Vermont Legislature. Your support makes this work possible. There are several bills currently at play that could impact our forests, wildlife, water, energy choices and communities.

Today, VNRC is:

  • defending our forests and wildlife by advocating for several bills to better maintain the health and economic viability of Vermont’s forests and enable the designation of critical habitat for threatened and endangered species;
  • safeguarding our water by advancing measures to prevent, detect and respond to releases of toxic substances and hazardous waste, like we’ve recently seen in North Bennington and Pownal;
  • fighting to protect the rights of citizens by supporting a bill that will improve the environmental permitting and appeals process,  and ensuring that citizens have an opportunity to participate in those processes;
  • advancing clean energy and climate solutions by giving communities and regions a greater role in energy siting, while maintaining our commitment to clean energy, and  supporting funding for low-income weatherization;
  • putting a price on carbon pollution by enacting a carbon pollution tax; and
  • ensuring the integrity of Act 250 against challenges that would weaken well-planned development provisions.

This Earth Day we celebrate our shared responsibility to steward our natural resources so that future generations can enjoy a healthy and thriving Vermont. You can help us continue our work on these critical issues by donating today.

Thanks for all that you do,

The VNRC Team

P.S. You can support the environment each month by becoming a sustaining member.