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Where is the Data Tracking Climate Migration?

Data-driven planning and policies are critical to ensuring that climate migration won’t exacerbate the Vermont’s housing shortage and lock us into sprawling development that increases greenhouse gas emissions, fragments our forests and farmland, and contributes to water pollution. The good news is, we are already working to expand housing affordability and options in our downtowns and village centers to meet the needs of life-long and new Vermonters. Communities across the state – many of which have experienced population decline or stagnation for a long time – must start to discuss how to be inclusive and welcoming of new neighbors. Welcome to Vermont, Hom family!

CLICKE HERE TO WATCH a segment on WCAX featuring Sasha Hom, resident of Corinth, VT, discuss her family’s move from California during recent wildfires, featuring comments from Kati Gallagher, VNRC’s Sustainable Communities Program Director.