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VNRC joins partners to submit comments to VOREC

This autumn, Governor Scott’s Vermont Outdoor Recreation Economic Collaborative (VOREC) hosted a series of public meetings to engage stakeholders across the state. Thank you to all of the VNRC members and supporters who were able to attend a session in-person or submit comments online.

Working in collaboration with a diverse group of organizations representing landowners, foresters, conservationists, forestland and wildlife managers, hunters and anglers, and affordable housing advocates, VNRC recently submitted a joint letter to VOREC emphasizing the importance of safeguarding our forests, farms, and waters to promote quality outdoor recreation opportunities, increase the well-being of Vermonters, and strengthen our economy.

Read the letter here.

Working in collaboration with a wide variety of stakeholders is central to the mission of VNRC. Through our work facilitating the Vermont Forest Roundtable, conceived by VNRC starting in 2006, we bring together consulting foresters, professional planners government officials, landowners, outdoor recreation organizations, representatives from the forest products industry, conservation groups, and public and private university faculty to develop policies to keep our forests healthy and intact. VNRC’s goal as a convener of the Roundtable is to create an open forum to which people with a wide range of perspectives can exchange information, and develop recommendations to maintain the integrity of Vermont’s forests. Read more about our Forest Roundtable work here.