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Vermont Climate Action Commission makes five short-term recommendations

From Johanna Miller, Energy & Climate Program Director 

The Vermont Climate Action Commission – the 21-member diverse stakeholder group charged by Governor Phil Scott to make recommendations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions – recently advanced a set of five short-term recommendations to start doing just that.

Beyond recommending initial steps to advance modern wood heating, transportation electrification, weatherization and the climate economy, the Commission voted 20-1 in favor of recommending that Governor Scott support a non-partisan Joint Fiscal Office-led study of market-based and regulatory approaches to address climate change, such as putting a price on carbon pollution.

This first formal vote of the Climate Action Commission – upon which I serve – is a strong and hopeful indication that the Commission is taking its charge seriously. By the end of December, the Commission will finalize and refine this five-issue portfolio of recommendations and send them to Governor Scott for his consideration. It’s unclear which recommendations the Governor will support, but the diverse set of strategies put forward are good places to start moving the dial on climate and make clear the Commission is committed to their charge.

Please stay tuned as this effort evolves and continue to make your voice heard to the Commission and Governor Scott in support of bold climate action – including carbon pricing. Good intentions and rhetoric alone will not move the dial on climate. Real, diverse, equitable, job-creating opportunities are at our fingertips – if our political leaders step up.