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Two Things: Urge your senator to support toxic protections, and Vermont youth call for climate action

Two things: Spring is here and we’re celebrating the longer days, as well as action on better protections from toxic PFAS chemicals in the Vermont Senate, and a great showing from Vermont youth at the State House last week calling for climate action!

Stay informed, stay connected—two things.

Senate Committee on Health and Welfare unanimously advances PFAS protections — More Action Needed!

S.25, a bill to protect Vermonters from toxic PFAS chemicals in several product categories passed out of the Senate Committee on Health and Welfare last week on a 5-0 vote. This bill takes important steps to better regulate these “forever chemicals,” which have a host of negative health impacts from cancer to thyroid issues, and which have contaminated numerous communities in Vermont.

The legislation prohibits the manufacture, sale, and distribution of cosmetic and menstrual products containing PFAS and other harmful chemicals, as well as restricting PFAS in textiles and artificial turf athletic fields. The legislation will now head to the full Senate for a vote tomorrow. Please take a moment to contact your Senator(s) to support S.25 to better protect Vermonters from toxic PFAS chemicals! Find contact information for your Senator(s) here.

Vermont youth turn out to call for urgent climate action

On Friday, about two dozen young Vermonters showed up to the Statehouse to raise their voices in support of bold climate legislation, including the Affordable Heat Act (S.5).

The students had an opportunity to meet with their state representatives, Lieutenant Governor David Zuckerman, and the Climate Solutions Caucus to express their concerns about the climate crisis, and take strong action to implement the Vermont Climate Action Plan.

“We have the data and the science,” said Montpelier High School student Miriam Serota-Winston. “We know that the earth is warmer, that the sea is rising. We know that climate change disproportionately affects people of color, people in poverty, marginalized communities. We’ve said it so many times before and we will keep saying it until politicians stop putting profit and political maneuvering before our lives.”

“We cannot continue down this path. We must take action now and move towards renewable energy sources to protect our planet and our future. This is why supporting climate measures like the Vermont Affordable Heat Act is absolutely crucial,” said Kallen Fenster, a Youth Lobby member from Manchester.

On Monday, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reiterated calls for dramatic shifts in global climate policy to “ensure a livable future,” underscoring the need for urgent climate action.