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Two Things: Opportunities for State House Action and Our Member Survey

Two Things: Sharing opportunities for you to take action to support key environmental legislation, and seeking feedback from our members on our work. 

Stay informed, stay connected – two things. 

Opportunities for Action: Let Your Legislators Know You Support Flood Safety and Clean Energy

The Legislature is in full swing, with many important bills under consideration to protect our environment, build greater resilience to climate change, and transition Vermonters to more local, clean energy. Two bills in particular are headed for big votes in the coming days or weeks, so now is a great time to reach out to your Legislators and ask for their support: 

  1. Tell your Senator(s): Last week, the Flood Safety Act (S.213), was unanimously voted out of the Senate Committee on Natural Resources & Energy, and the bill could be headed for a full Senate vote before Town Meeting Day week. S.213 would take important steps toward safeguarding Vermont’s communities from climate-induced flooding through protections of our wetlands and river corridors, and improvements to dam safety. 
  2. Tell your Representative(s): A bill to modernize Vermont’s Renewable Energy Standard (H.289) is in the House Committee on Appropriations and could head for a vote by the full House as early as next week. H.289 would reform our existing Renewable Energy Standard to meet the urgency of the climate crisis and put Vermont on a path to becoming 100% renewable by 2030, while significantly increasing new renewable generation in Vermont and the New England region.

We Want to Hear From You! VNRC’s 2024 Membership Survey

We want to hear from you! VNRC’s 2024 Member and Activist Survey will be live through the end of March, and your feedback is important! Let us know which issues are most important to you, the best ways to be in touch with you, how you’d like to stay involved and how we can improve our work. The survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete, and all respondents will be entered to win a $100 gift certificate to Onion River Outdoors. Thank you for weighing in and helping to shape the future of our work.