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Two Things: Education and Climate Change

Two things: Education and climate change. This week, VECAN’s week-long conference is underway, with time left still to participate. And, we’re beginning to look forward to the 2023 legislative session with an informative webinar in early January.

Stay informed, stay connected. Two things! 

THIS WEEK: VECAN’s Conference Continues with a Lunchtime Webinar Series

Bring your lunch and join us for all, or some, of the weekday workshops the Vermont Energy and Climate Action Network (VECAN) has planned for this week! Workshops run today through Friday, from 12:00-1:30 p.m with live captioning, and recordings will be made available afterward.

Tuesday, December 13th: Act 172 – Vermont’s Opportunity to Achieve Municipal Energy Resilience and How Your Community Can Support Success – Register here. 

Wednesday, December 14th: Transforming Transportation – Maximizing the Short Term While Planning for the Long Term – Register here. 

Thursday, December 15th: Powering Our Lives – New Opportunities for Additional Local Renewable Energy Generation & Creative Community Ownership Models – Register here.  

Friday, December 16th: Tackling the Split Incentive – Addressing Weatherization in the Multifamily Sector to Create a More Just Energy Transition – Register here. 

We hope to see you there!

COMING UP: Legislative Look Forward on Clean Energy and Climate Opportunities in 2023 (January Webinar)

Vermont continues to fall short in meeting our emissions reduction requirements, as well as our resilience and adaptation goals, but a new legislative biennium offers tremendous opportunity. Buoyed by an electoral mandate from Vermonters, lawmakers can help ensure Vermont takes concrete steps this legislative session to accelerate bold, equitable climate action at the scale and pace the transformation requires. 

Join us for a webinar at noon on January 9th to hear how the recent election has changed the landscape and makeup of the Vermont State House, and some key steps the new legislature can take on climate. Get an update on anticipated new (or improved) policies likely to be considered this session, including affordable, cleaner heat, a modernized Renewable Energy Standard for our electricity sector, opportunities to continue to make our transportation system more clean, multi-modal and accessible to all, and more! There will be opportunity to ask and get your questions answered, as well as find out how you can stay engaged as the Legislature’s work ramps up. 

Please plan to join us at noon on January 9th – and spread the word!