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Three Things: This Weekend’s Biodiversity Jamboree, VNRC’s Staff Retreat, and Governor Signs Housing Bill Into Law 

Three things: We’re inviting you to North Branch Nature Center’s Biodiversity Jamboree this Saturday, sharing a bit about our recent staff retreat, and celebrating S.100 being signed into law. 

Stay informed, connected, and engaged—three things.

North Branch Nature Center and Vermont Center for Ecostudies’ Biodiversity Jamboree – This Saturday, June 10th! 

Photo credit: North Branch Nature Center

Join us at the Biodiversity Jamboree this Saturday, June 10 at North Branch Nature Center! This captivating summer festival celebrates Vermont’s diverse wildlife and offers engaging activities, nature outings, live performances, delicious food, and inspiring artwork. Explore the woodlands, meadows, and naturalist-staffed laboratory tent, where you can share your discoveries and learn about community science research. It’s an excellent opportunity to learn how you can actively contribute to the study and conservation of biodiversity. VNRC is sponsoring the event and will be there, so stop by our table and say hi! Admission is free, with donations appreciated, and tickets are required for the keynote event. Find out more here

VNRC Staff Gathered This Week for a Day of Retreat, Reflection & Visioning

Earlier this week, VNRC staff gathered together for a day to reflect on our past work and future goals. The staff retreat was an invaluable opportunity for our team to consider our organization’s next steps, including how we can continue to integrate equity and elevate environmental justice in our daily work. We reflected on our past achievements, assessed our current initiatives and structure, and envisioned the future of VNRC. With renewed enthusiasm and a clear vision, we are looking ahead to the future with great optimism ready to tackle new challenges, advocate for environmental protection, and make a lasting positive impact on our communities, Vermont, and the planet!

S.100 is Enacted, Will Advance Housing Opportunities While Reducing Zoning-Enforced Sprawl And Safeguarding Vermont’s Natural Resources

Earlier this week, Governor Scott signed S.100 – this year’s principal housing bill – into law. VNRC worked hard to help shape and improve the bill, ensuring it will expand opportunities for affordable housing in Vermont’s downtowns and village centers while maintaining protections for our natural resources. Without reform, Vermont’s existing land use laws and resulting development patterns would continue to exacerbate the state’s housing crisis, forest fragmentation, and carbon emissions – undermining the resilience of Vermont in the face of increasing climate challenges. We’re celebrating this bill’s enactment, and look forward to continuing to engage in the ongoing work to review and reform Vermont’s land use laws. 

P.S. We’re taking a brief break from our Two & Three Things emails. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be taking a break from our weekly newsletters as our staff take some well deserved time off. We’ll be back in early July with more exciting updates about our work and what is to come. Thank you to everyone who supports our organization in doing this invigorating and important work for Vermont’s natural resources!