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Three Things: an Affordable Heat Act webinar, a spooky ghost dam in Salisbury, and Cambridge’s Orange Up Day

Three things: sharing a “What’s Next with the Affordable Heat Act?” webinar, chronicling the spooky history of a ghost dam in Salisbury, and inviting you to Cambridge’s annual Orange Up Day. 

Stay informed, connected, and engaged—three things.

Join us for a “What’s Next for the Affordable Heat Act” Webinar at 7pm on November 8th

You’re invited to join the Vermont Chapter of the Sierra Club, VNRC, and VPIRG for a webinar about Vermont’s Clean Heat Standard policy. Hear from Richard Cowart of the Regulatory Assistance Project and Jared Duval from the Vermont Energy Action Network, who are also both members of the Vermont Climate Council. Join us virtually, on Wednesday, November 8 at 7 PM, for a discussion about where things stand since the Legislature passed the Affordable Heat Act in May. As Vermont’s Public Utility Commission is working on making the Clean Heat Standard a reality, learn more about the policy and what it means for meeting Vermont’s climate requirements and reducing emissions in our thermal heating sector. Register to attend here!

The Spooky History of the Wainwright Mill Ghost Dam in Salisbury

Happy Halloween! During this spooky week, we’re shining a light on the history of the Wainwright Mill ghost dam in Salisbury, Vermont. A ghost dam is an abandoned, derelict dam that has not been previously identified by the Vermont Dam Inventory.  If a dam is not known, it can haunt the water body where it resides and will be missed for safety and environmental inspections. The Wainwright Mill Dam is a concrete gravity dam, constructed in 1805. It served its purpose for over four decades, but, as time passed, the sawmill was abandoned, leaving the dam and its impoundment to wither away, unattended and forgotten. By dismantling the Wainwright Mill Dam and its associated structures, we can restore the river’s natural flow and height, reinvigorating the floodplain on both sides and reducing the risk of floods. 

Join – or Replicate in Your Community – Cambridge’s Annual Orange Up Day, this Saturday, November 4th!

Orange Up Day, which might sound like “Green Up Day” to you, is led annually by VCV’s Justin Marsh and the Cambridge Conservation Commission. During Orange Up Day, community members grab an orange bag from a local pickup location and gather to clean up their roadways! Cambridge’s 2023 Orange Up Day will be held this Saturday, November 4th. Justin has deep roots in Lamoille County and has served on the Conservation Commission since 2012. They live on their family’s farm in Cambridge, where many generations have and continue to work the land. Learn more about Orange Up Day – and maybe get inspired to host a similar day in your community – in a conversation with Justin about the event here