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Three Things: A New Legislative Session Begins, Climate Resiliency Webinar, and an Opportunity for Action on Climate

Three Things: Kicking off a new legislative session and sharing our policy priorities, inviting you to a climate resiliency webinar next week, and sharing an opportunity to contact your legislators on the Climate Change Superfund Act.

Stay informed, connected, and engaged—three things.

Kicking Off a New Legislative Session and Sharing our Key Policy Priorities 

Yesterday marked the start of a new legislative session in Montpelier, and our team is eager to be back in the State House hard at work on behalf of Vermont’s environment and communities. This year we’re excited to be working to help advance an array of policies to modernize Act 250, build climate resilience through protections of our river corridors and wetlands, update the Renewable Energy Standard, and much more! We’ll be working alongside legislators and fellow advocates to keep you updated throughout the session with timely action opportunities, updates on the key bills, and ways to get involved. Stay tuned for much more as the session advances, and thank you for being part of our work to protect Vermont’s environment and strengthen our communities! 

You’re Invited! Monday, January 8th at 12pm: Climate Resiliency – What’s Needed, What’s Possible

We hope you can join VNRC, Vermont Conservation Voters, and the Vermont Chapter of the Sierra Club this coming Monday, January 8th at 12pm for a webinar to outline key climate resilience priorities for this legislative session. As we continue to recover and rebuild in communities impacted by floods across Vermont, we are once again reminded that our state needs to take action to build the resilience we need. We must reduce flood risks with nature-based solutions, invest in climate-resilient infrastructure, improve government response and capacity, and implement a suite of funding solutions to make these critical investments.  Come learn more about these solutions and how you can get involved in creating a more resilient Vermont. 

Take Action Today: Tell Your Legislators to Co-Sponsor the Climate Change Superfund Act! 

As Vermont has already seen firsthand, climate change is already impacting our state and costing us billions. Extreme weather events like this summer’s floods mean higher costs show up in higher utility bills, increased insurance premiums, and our taxes. Right now, all of those costs are paid by Vermont families, businesses and communities. However, one group isn’t paying – the Big Oil companies like ExxonMobil and Shell. They knowingly polluted our atmosphere and caused the climate crisis. Big Oil annually makes hundreds of billions of dollars in profits while sticking Vermonters with the bill to clean up the mess.

The Climate Change Superfund Act will hold the biggest fossil fuel companies accountable by:

  • Using the Legislature’s authority to hold polluters strictly liable for damages they have caused,
  • Requiring companies like ExxonMobil and Shell to pay into a state-level superfund, and
  • Reducing what Vermonters pay for climate adaptations, infrastructure and resilience.