Summer Session Deep Dive Series on Climate with VNRC & Partners

This legislative session saw an unprecedented amount of federal dollars coming into Vermont – and over $200 million committed to climate action.

This investment is a testament to how seriously policy makers are taking the state’s first-ever required Climate Action Plan and the demands statewide for climate action, and represents an essential down-payment on meeting the state’s required greenhouse gas emissions reductions for 2025 and 2030 – and the opportunity to help Vermonters cut their energy costs, now and into the future.

And these investments would never have happened without the calls made year after year by thousands of Vermonters, demanding Vermont’s elected officials take the climate crisis seriously.

These investments are a foundation we must build on. As impressive as these funding levels appear, if we do not follow them with overarching policies that will actually, fully get Vermont off fossil fuels, we’ll fall far short of what both Vermont law and climate science require.

Still, a ton happened this past session, and it’s worth both celebrating and understanding. Weatherization, clean vehicle and multi-modal transportation opportunities, home and grid modernization opportunities, expanding a clean energy workforce, and the enactment of the state’s first ever environmental justice policy were the highlights of this session’s progress on climate.

Throughout the summer, we’ll be sharing more in-depth summaries of all the important work that happened and what it means for Vermont communities and advancing our state’s climate progress. As we publish those summaries you can find them here: