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VNRC Presents “Seemingly Impossible”, an exhibit by John Snell, at Montpelier Art Walk on Friday, October 6th

On Friday, October 6, VNRC will host a reception for Montpelier’s own John Snell in conjunction with Montpelier Art Walk. John’s exhibit, “Seemingly Impossible”, is a collection of photographs that capture the “impossible” sights all around us. We are pleased to have John join us to discuss the methods and inspiration behind his photography.

Doors will be open to the public from 4:00 to 7:30 pm.  Light refreshments will be served while supplies last. Additional visiting hours for John’s exhibit can be found here, or by appointment. Contact Alex Connizzo at aconnizzo@vnrc.org for more information.

Artist’s Statement

So much of our world is seemingly impossible! Who can even imagine the light coming through a new Sugar Maple leaf or frost covering a hillside and valley? And yet I see these and so many other “impossible” sights—not in some far away tourist location—but right here in Central Vermont. My photography helps me both to see these and also to simplify the process of sharing them, for which I am grateful.

In the sixty years I’ve been seeing life through the lens of a camera, I remain always willing to set aside the easy cliches and focus, instead, on the impossible pieces of life all around us in every kind of weather. I hope you will enjoy these photographs and that they will inspire you to also see the “impossible.” Together we must do what we can to make sure others have the same opportunities in the years ahead.

You can find more of John’s work at https://www.johnsnell.photography/

VNRC continues to seek out local artists whose work connects with or complements our mission to protect and enhance our natural environments and wildlife, vibrant communities, productive working landscapes, rural character and unique sense of place. Previous featured artists include Linda Mirabile, Jill Madden, Karen Schaefer, Jay Hudson, Gretchen Alexander and Anni Lorenzini. For inquiries or to arrange a visit, contact Alex Connizzo at aconnizzo@vnrc.org.