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New blog launch: People, Places, and Transportation

We have exciting news! Today, VNRC launched People, Places, and Transportation, a continuation of the blog formerly hosted at Sustainable Transportation Vermont (STVT). Learn more about the blog here in this introduction post, and check out our newest entries: 

What comes to mind when we think about transportation today? For most of us, it’s the daily experiences of getting around. Even if we are interested in walking, biking, taking the bus, and carpooling, we probably think mostly about cars and roads. 

What if, when we thought about transportation, we thought about downtowns, villages, walking and biking, housing, local economic development, and multigenerational communities just as readily as we thought about cars and roads? What if we had more examples of what is possible? 

The Sustainable Transportation Vermont (STVT) blog has covered these issues and more since 2016. In October 2020, editor Julie Campoli handed the reins to VNRC. Read her farewell entry here.

The full archive of STVT posts will remain at its original home, www.stvt.org. There were some entries we just couldn’t part with, so we moved them over to People, Places, and Transportation. They explore how to avoid car and air travel, the roots of our broad cultural disdain for walkingwhat we can learn from Montreal’s biking infrastructure, and much more.

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Will you join us in this commitment to reimagining transportation in Vermont? We look forward to sharing the journey with you!