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Highlighting VNRC’s Artists in Residence

Each quarter, VNRC hosts a series of rotating exhibits from Vermont artists. VNRC’s “Artists in Residence” program showcases a new local artist’s work in our office space, and includes their pieces as a gallery show in the Montpelier Art Walk. So far, VNRC has worked with four artists whose work connects with our mission to protect and enhance our natural environments and wildlife, vibrant communities, productive working landscapes, rural character, and unique sense of place. Read on for more information on each of our featured artists and their exhibits! 
If you are a Vermont artist and would like to be considered as a future Artist in Residence, or if you have any questions or inquiries, please contact Alex Connizzo at aconnizzo@vnrc.org.

Jay Hudson

Jay Peak from Telfer Hill, Barton (2022)

Our current Artist in Residence, from January to March of this year, is James “Jay” Hudson. His exhibit, “Winter in the Northeast Kingdom”, is a collection of oil and acrylic paintings on canvas and plywood panels that document the ever-changing landscapes and inhabitants of the artist’s beloved home for the past half century. Stop by VNRC during our public visiting hours, or email Alex Connizzo at aconnizzo@vnrc.org if you are interested in taking a look! 

Karen Schaefer

Karen Schaefer’s work was featured from October to December of 2022. Her exhibit, “The Liminal Season” was a beautiful collection of oil and mixed media paintings on canvas and paper that explored the transitional time between late season sunflowers and early snowfall in our landscapes. More of her wonderful work is available for viewing at www.karenschaefer.com.

Jill Madden

Jill Madden was VNRC’s featured Artist in Residence from July to September of 2022. Madden is from Weybridge, VT, her exhibit “Mapping the Wilderness,” a mixture of oil paintings on linen and gouache paintings on watercolor paper, explored the unique wilderness areas of the Green Mountains. This swath of mountains, rivers and forest along the spine of the Green Mountains has become Madden’s primary studio space, with shifting seasons, light sources, temperatures, and textures highlighting the contrasts that often exist between experience and memory. You can see more of her work at www.jillmadden.com.

Linda Mirabile

Linda Mirabile of Berlin, VT was VNRC’s first Artist in Residence. Mirabile’s work may be easily recognizable, as her depictions of the white-tailed deer and common loon can be seen on our state’s conservation license plates. For VNRC, Mirabile brought in a number of avian-inspired paintings for our first featured exhibit, back in May and June of 2022. Painting in acrylic on both paper and wood panels, her larger-than-life portraits capture both the natural beauty and personality of some of our state’s unique bird species. In recognition of the declining populations of many wildlife species due to habitat destruction, pesticide use, and illegal hunting and trapping, Mirable donates 10% of her sales to conservation organizations working to save the species portrayed in her pieces.