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ghost dams

Ghost Dams Continue to Haunt Vermont

Remember the Ghost Dam? It’s back to haunt you (and the river it fragments). 

A ghost dam is an abandoned, derelict dam that has not been previously identified by the State’s Vermont Dam Inventory. The thing is, if a dam is not known, it will continue to haunt the water body where it resides and will be missed for safety and environmental inspections. It’s important to know where dams are so we can diagnose their impact! That’s why we’re excited to announce the two winners of our Ghost Dam hunt! 

Sabina Ernst spotted this ghost dam in the Jericho Town Forest.

And Charlie Wanzer found this ghost dam in Cabot.

We’re grateful to their sleuthing—it makes a difference in our work. Mapping dams matters! So, keep your eye out for ghost dams.

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