Climate Dispatch: Vermont Youth Call for Clean & Affordable Heat for ALL Vermonters – Your Reps. Need to Hear From You!

Today’s Episode

Hundreds of young Vermonters traveled to Montpelier today to demand one thing from lawmakers: Bold climate action. It was the annual Youth Lobby Rally for the Planet, and young people made it abundantly clear that we cannot afford continued delay on climate action if we want to ensure a livable planet for future generations. 

Just yesterday, the House Committee on Environment & Energy voted 8-3 to advance S.5, the Affordable Heat Act, Vermont’s number one opportunity to reduce damaging carbon pollution this legislative session. As we heard from the student organizers from Sunrise Chittenden, this bill is a priority for the Vermont Youth Lobby and is essential to ensuring that our clean energy transition is accessible to everyone – not just those who can afford to transition away from fossil fuels.

It’s going to take all of us to ensure legislators know this priority climate bill matters. Opponents of the policy want to keep Vermonters locked into price volatile, polluting fossil fuels. They don’t want to have to build a system that works for everyone – and doing so requires bold policy to create system change. 

Call to Action

This bill is our opportunity to construct a clean energy transition for everyone. Please reach out to your legislators and let them know you support S.5. You can sign the petition here, and we will hand deliver your individual signature to lawmakers at key moments throughout the rest of this legislative session. 

Alternatively, you can call your lawmakers directly and let them know that you support S.5 because you know Vermont needs to take bold action on climate change. Find contact information for your legislators here. 

Thank you for your continued support of climate action this legislative session.