Climate Dispatch: Senate Climate Priorities with Sen. Alison Clarkson

Another BIG week in the State House! As you probably remember, last week the House passed the modernized Renewable Energy Standard (H.289), and the Senate passed the Flood Safety Act (S.213). Today, the Senate is following that up by voting to advance the Climate Change Superfund Act (S.259) on a 21-5 vote.  This will allow Vermont to hold Big Oil accountable for the harm their products are causing.

Today’s Episode

This week on the Climate Dispatch, we have Senate Majority Leader Alison Clarkson outlining the big climate bills the Senate is prioritizing and working to advance this session. 

To get far more details on what’s moving on climate this session – and to ask questions you might have – please also plan to join us on Wednesday, April 10th, at 12pm for a Legislative Briefing Webinar. At the webinar, hear from advocates about this year’s priority climate legislation and what you can do to make sure they pass this session.

Call to Action

Please call or email your Senators to thank them if they voted YES on the Flood Safety Act and the Climate Change Superfund Act! Here is the vote tally for the Flood Safety Act.  The Climate Change Superfund Bill passed on a 21-5 vote with Senators Brock, Collamore, Ingalls, Weeks, and Williams voting No.  Reach out and Thank your Senator(s) if they voted Yes or let the 5 No’s know that you don’t support their vote. You can find your Senators’ contact information here