Climate Dispatch: On the Solstice, Looking Ahead to 2023

Today’s Episode

On this Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year, we are turning toward the light. This recent election season, Vermonters sent a clear message and delivered a mandate for climate action by electing the most pro-environment legislature ever.

We know that from here forward the daylight hours are getting longer and brighter, and as we head into the 2023 legislative session, we are calling on all of you to channel our collective energy and optimism to ensure our state takes bold action on the climate crisis.

In today’s Climate Dispatch, VCV’s Lauren Hierl and VNRC’s Johanna Miller are joined by Ben Edgerly Walsh of VPIRG and Vermont Climate Council Youth Member Lily Terry to discuss how Vermonters’ delivered a mandate for climate action this election, what that means and why it matters – especially for the young people who want to see climate action for their future. Tune in to learn how building greater climate resilience can help communities adapt in a warming world, and hear an overview of upcoming policy opportunities to enact more affordable heating, cleaner transportation, and cleaner electricity in 2023.

Call to Action 

We hope you all can enjoy time with your loved ones as the year comes to a close, rest and prepare to join us in action when the new legislative biennium commences in January. Vermont has a state Climate Action Plan that gives us a blueprint for the policies and investments we need to make to power our lives, heat our homes, get around in cleaner and more affordable ways as well as help our communities become more resilient in a warming world. We must deliver on the mandate for climate action Vermonters are calling for, and we  must – and can – ensure that our policies and programs chart the course for a bold, equitable clean energy transition.

Happy holidays to you and yours…. We look forward to working alongside you all to deliver on critical climate progress in 2023!