Climate Dispatch — January 8, 2021: Goals for Start of Legislative Session

In this week’s Climate Dispatch, we’re joined by Vermont Climate Solutions Caucus Co-Chairs Rep. Sarah Copeland Hanzas and Sen. Chris Pearson, who share their thoughts about climate priorities in the legislature this coming session. They discuss policies that the Caucus will be focusing on, emphasizing the need to prioritize those areas such as weatherization, where climate action can help support Vermont’s recovery from the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Call to action: Contact your legislators and ask them to join the Climate Solutions Caucus if they are not already members.

Follow the work of the Vermont Climate Solutions Caucus on their website,, where you will find links to their meetings, resources, and the ability to join their mailing list and view their regular VideoLogs during the session.

View the live streamed meetings of the Climate Solutions Caucus Thursdays at noon during the legislative session on their YouTube channel. The first meeting of the Caucus for the 2021 legislative session will be next Thursday, January 14th at 12:00 pm.