Climate Dispatch—January 29, 2021: Climate Investments at State and Federal Level

In today’s Climate Dispatch, VCV’s Lauren Hierl provides an overview of Governor Phil Scott’s budget address. This week the Governor made the most significant commitment to date — with one-time dollars — on climate action, including investments in low income weatherization, community solar for lower-income-earning Vermonters, affordable housing, and efficient transportation and downtown investments.

Katie Thomas from the Officer of Senator Bernie Sanders provides a quick overview of the new federal landscape, vis-a-vis the Biden Administration and what’s happening — or might happen — in coming months with an upcoming stimulus bill and potential climate/infrastructure package. This is important, long-overdue progress!

Please contact Governor Scott and thank him for his commitment, in his budget, to climate action and his ongoing commitment to ensuring the new Vermont Climate Council’s work succeeds, in service of the scale of the equitable transformation required. Also, if you have ideas for climate-friendly programs that could benefit your community or fellow Vermonters, please send them to Katie Thomas and Haley Pero with Sanders’ office.

Thanks for all you do! #ActOnClimateVT.