Climate Dispatch: January 20: Climate Solutions Caucus Priorities with Sen. White & Rep. Stebbins

Today’s Episode

Today we’re joined by Senator Becca White and Representative Gabrielle Stebbins, the new co-chairs of the Legislature’s Climate Solutions Caucus. The Climate Solutions Caucus is growing — and focused! Yesterday, they met for the second time this session to discuss a core Caucus priority: successfully shaping and enacting S.5— the Affordable Heat Act

In this episode, you’ll hear from Senator White and Representative Stebbins about the new enthusiasm and expertise in the Climate Solutions Caucus this session, and why they’re excited to work with their colleagues to move important policies across the finish line. Some big things on the horizon for the Legislature and Climate Solutions Caucus in addition to the Affordable Heat Act (S.5), are the Transportation Affordability Act, and updates to the Renewable Energy Standard, climate resilience for municipalities, and more. 

Call to Action

If you want more information about the Affordable Heat Act (S.5), including answers to some of the big questions about the policy, check out the newly-published Frequently Asked Questions page from our friends at the Energy Action Network. 

We will need your help to ensure that Vermont passes a well-crafted Affordable Heat Act so we can tackle emissions in our second-most polluting sector equitably and affordably. This bill is already getting hearings. Please reach out to your legislators and urge them to support a strong and equitable Affordable Heat Act. Find your legislators and their contact information here. 

We look forward to working with you all, and many others, to advance the Affordable Heat Act and much more. Enjoy the snow!