Climate Dispatch: February 17: Breaking News! Affordable Heat Act Advances – Climate Dispatch with Sen. Andrew Perchlik 

Today’s Episode

On an unseasonably warm February day yesterday, Senator Andrew Perchlik – the Senate’s Majority Whip and clean energy expert – joined us for this week’s Climate Dispatch.

After weeks of testimony, the Affordable Heat Act (S.5) advanced out of the Vermont Senate Natural Resources & Energy Committee on a 5-0 vote. The bill next heads to the Appropriations Committee before coming to the full Senate for a vote. This legislation is the culmination of years of work and analysis, and represents a key pillar of the state’s adopted Climate Action Plan. It is also a top priority for VNRC and VCV, as it will provide Vermont a path for a just and affordable transition off of polluting fossil fuels. 

As Senator Perchlik outlines in the Dispatch, this policy is an opportunity to begin to disentangle Vermont from our dependence on expensive, price-volatile, and polluting fossil fuels. Instead, it offers an economic transition pathway for the fossil fuel heating industry to offer Vermonters more affordable, cleaner heating options – like weatherization, heat pumps, or advanced wood heat. Continuing to stick with the fossil fuel status quo is hurting the environment, draining our bank accounts, and harming our health. 

Call to Action

Your help is critical to cut through the confusion and misinformation being circulated by the fossil fuel industry about the policy – and now is the moment to urge your legislators to support the Affordable Heat Act as it moves toward a vote by the full Senate.

We’ve put together a petition, which we are going to hand deliver to Senators letting them know that many Vermonters support enactment of the Affordable Heat Act – and are calling on their legislators to take this important action on climate. 

Read more and sign our petition here

Thank you for taking a moment to sign the petition, and we’ll be back next week with an update as the Affordable Heat Act continues to move through the legislative process!