Climate Dispatch: February 11, 2022: Clean Heat Standard

Today’s Episode

In today’s Climate Dispatch, VNRC’s Johanna Miller and VCV’s Lauren Hierl are joined by Ben Edgerly Walsh, VPIRG’s Climate and Energy Program Director, to highlight the Clean Heat Standard – a potentially powerful, transformative policy to begin to ratchet down the climate pollution coming primarily from the way we heat our homes and buildings in Vermont. This policy was identified by the Vermont Climate Council – and is now the single largest pollution-reduction prong of the adopted Climate Action Plan.

The Legislature – and the House Energy & Technology Committee in particular – is now taking a close look at how to shape and advance this recommendation, with the goal of achieving the obligations of the Global Warming Solutions Act and, more so, helping Vermonters reduce their home heating costs and cut carbon through accessing more efficient, clean heating solutions. 

This policy has the potential to deliver real benefits to Vermont and Vermonters – but it is essential to ensure it is crafted well. The current draft is getting close but any final bill must: 

  • Include transparent and accurate greenhouse accounting.
  • Avoid double counting of emissions reductions.
  • Prioritize a just transition, helping all Vermonters – particularly low- and moderate- income Vermonters – access clean heating solutions.

Call to Action

This is a significant, much-needed and long overdue lift! If your Representative is on the House Energy & Technology Committee, please reach out and thank them for their hard work on this bill and their commitment to getting it done – and done well. 

If your representative is not on House Energy & Technology, please reach out to them and urge them to support a strong clean heat standard that climate accountable and equitable. 

Thanks for all you do – and we will be sure to keep you posted on this and far more!