Climate Dispatch: Feb. 2: Businesses For Climate Action and Flood Recovery

Welcome back to the Climate Dispatch!

This week was once again chock-full of important testimony on H.289, the Renewable Energy Standard modernization bill, S.213, a climate resilience bill to better protect wetlands and river corridors and enhance dam safety, and H.687, an act relating to community resilience and biodiversity protection through land use. We also helped support lobby days for small business owners and the Transportation for Vermonters Coalition, both of which called for climate action.

On today’s Climate Dispatch, we talk with Kate Ogden, Advocacy and Movement Building Manager at Seventh Generation, and Representative Conor Casey of Montpelier about the Businesses for Climate Action Lobby Day and flood recovery efforts underway in the State House.

Today’s Episode

The Businesses for Climate Action Lobby Day was spearheaded by Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility (VBSR). VBSR is a statewide, nonprofit business association with a mission to leverage the power of business for positive social and environmental impact. Learn more about VBSR’s policy positions here.

As we heard from Representative Casey, flood recovery for Vermont communities and businesses continues to be a major priority in the State House this session. You can track the progress and learn more about H.723, the Omnibus Flood Recovery Bill, here.

Call to Action

Climate action has been a huge priority in the Legislature this year. Climate resilience, flood recovery, modernizing the Renewable Energy Standard, and creating a Climate Change Superfund are just a few of the important bills being discussed. This wouldn’t be the case without the leadership of the Speaker Krowinski and Senate Pro Tem Baruth. Please reach out to Speaker Krowinski and Senate Pro Tem Baruth and THANK them for their leadership on needed climate action!