Climate Dispatch—April 9, 2021: Secretary Julie Moore, Agency of Natural Resources (ANR)

Special shout-out to the folks joining us for the first time as a result of the Wild & Scenic Film Festival last night! Thank you for your interest in the Climate Dispatch.

In this week’s video, we’re joined by Julie Moore, Secretary of the Agency of Natural Resources (ANR). She discusses Governor Scott’s recent announcement on how he’d like to spend a significant portion of the $1 billion American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) dollars on climate action and other measures that could offer climate resilience and mitigation benefits, including clean water, economic development, housing, and grid infrastructure and modernization.

The Governor’s commitment offers a tremendous opportunity to make energy-saving and pollution reducing investments in the coming years. Find more details about Gov. Scott’s recommendation for ARPA investments here, and VNRC’s statement on the plan here

Secretary Moore also provides an update on the work of the Vermont Climate Council and its charge to craft a pollution-reducing Climate Action Plan by 2021.

Call to action

Please take a moment to call Governor Scott at 802-828-3333. Thank him for proposing these meaningful climate investments and urge him to support ongoing action and investments at the scale we need to address the climate crisis.

Thank you for all you do!