Climate Dispatch—April 30, 2021: Robb Kidd, Vermont Sierra Club

Today’s episode

In today’s Climate Dispatch, we are joined by Robb Kidd of the Vermont Chapter of the Sierra Club. After a brief update on the work of the Vermont Climate Council, we enter a deep dive into the Legislature’s work on the Transportation Bill and wrapping up the FY 2022 budget, appropriating some — if not all — of the American Rescue Plan dollars.

Today, the Senate passed their version of the state budget, which includes a commitment of $131 million for climate initiatives. That includes $31 million for weatherization and other climate programs, as well as $100 million for funding initiatives identified in the Climate Action Plan being developed right now. Robb discusses the expanded climate-beneficial transportation transformation investments, including clean vehicle incentives, EV charging infrastructure, fare-free public transit, and more.

The budget (the “Big Bill”) and the Transportation Bill now head back to the House and leaders from both Chambers will be negotiating the final details on both these important bills in the coming days.

Call to action

Let’s ensure we cement and expand on these commitments! Please call your state Representative(s) today and ask them to make a significant investment to climate, in particular at least $100 million for Climate Action Plan implementation and other strong weatherization, low-income solar, and transportation modernization strategies. Find your Representatives’ info here.