Climate Dispatch: April 29, 2022: Live from Youth Lobby’s 2022 Rally for the Planet

Today’s Episode

In today’s Climate Dispatch, VNRC’s Greta Hasler is joined by members of Youth Lobby live from their Rally for the Planet event at the Vermont State House. The focus of this year’s event was Jobs, Climate, Justice, and Future! 

Today, hundreds of students took to the State House lawn to push for climate action while the Vermont Legislature continues to work hard on a range of environmental priorities in the final days of the legislative session. 

Hear directly from members of Youth Lobby as they share the reasons why they are personally motivated to act on climate change, and what brought them to their work with Youth Lobby organizing the rally today. As Vermont continues to implement our recently-adopted Climate Action Plan, and many of its recommendations form the foundation of key bills moving through the legislature this session, it is critical that we continue to build momentum and enthusiasm around this work. There are a number of important bills that would help put Vermont on a path to creating a more equitable and just transition, invest in a clean energy workforce, reduce greenhouse gas emissions through support for clean, renewable energy systems, and much more! 

Call to Action

As we near the end of this legislative session, please reach out to your legislators. Thank them for all of their hard work on climate so far and let them know that Vermont cannot continue to support any more fossil fuels or fossil fuel infrastructure if we want a real chance of meeting our emissions reductions requirements. As the finishing touches on key climate legislation are made, ask that all state policies and investments be for clean, renewable energy systems and be building towards a sustainable future for all Vermont residents. As the students of Youth Lobby noted, we must act urgently if we want to leave a thriving, livable planet for generations to come.