Climate Dispatch: Apr. 5: House Action with Rep. Kate Logan

Another week, another big vote on climate legislation. On Tuesday, the Senate voted 26-3 to pass the Climate Superfund Act (S.259)! This incredibly strong tripartisan vote gives the bill a ton of momentum as it moves to the House – and with its passage, all our priority climate bills have officially moved onto their second chamber.

On this week’s Climate Dispatch, Representative Kate Logan (P/D-Burlington) joins us to outline her hopes for climate progress this session, including the advancement of the miscellaneous Public Utility Commission Bill (S.305) which has several important clean energy, climate and equity-focused provisions. 

Today’s Episode

As Rep. Logan notes, S.305 is currently under consideration in her committee – House Environment and Energy – and among the provisions, includes clear legislative direction related to continuing the 3-year Energy Efficiency Modernization pilot program and energy “super user” pilot in Burlington; important but surgical changes to the Clean Heat Standard; and the potential addition of an energy cost stabilization study and a provision to establish Thermal Energy Networks. 

Meanwhile, the modernized Renewable Energy Standard (H.289) awaits action in the Senate Natural Resources & Energy Committee; and testimony began this week on the Flood Safety Act (S.213) in the House Environment and Energy Committee. Stay tuned for updates on these priority bills in the coming weeks.

Call to Action

Please call or email your Representatives and tell them to vote for a strong Flood Safety Bill that protects our river corridors and wetlands and prioritizes dam safety. We have to be proactive to ensure that more Vermont communities don’t experience the flooding and destruction we saw in 2023. You can find your Representative(s)’ contact information here.