Climate Action

Climate Action

VNRC takes a multi-pronged approach to help Vermont do its part to combat the increasingly urgent climate crisis. From digging in at the local level with committed Vermonters to helping to advance strong state policy and in between, we combine exhaustive research, communications, public engagement, and policy advocacy to ensure Vermont embraces bold, equitable, job-creating clean energy solutions. We fundamentally believe that to change everything, we will need everyone. That means you!

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An Urgent Call

VNRC collaborates with a broad network of organizations urging bold action to tackle the climate crisis. Read our 2019 plan for policy action and stay tuned for the coalition’s shared 2020 priorities.

Our coalition work is fundamental — and our collective success ever-more urgent. While Vermont has made some progress on climate change, we are far from meeting our statutory climate action commitments. In fact, the latest Agency of Natural Resources study shows Vermont’s climate pollution rose 10% in just two years. Leadership to reverse this trend is urgently required.

We can and must take serious steps towards reducing carbon pollution emissions. If we take meaningful action, we can do our part on climate change and create more energy independence, enhance public health, improve the lives of low-income Vermonters, protect wildlife, and sustain our forests, which play a critical role in helping to slow climate change by taking carbon out of the atmosphere.

We can also generate tremendous economic opportunity – putting Vermonters to work weatherizing homes, deploying advanced wood heat and heat pumps, installing solar, providing more efficient transportation options and more. What we are missing is the political will and public policy framework necessary to meet the challenge.

Climate Dispatch from the State House

Wondering what is happening — or not happening — at the State House on climate change? In brief live videos, we summarize what’s happening each week in the Vermont Legislature on climate and clean energy. Plus, we share easy ways you can help ensure that policymakers act on this critical issue. Find the Climate Dispatch here!

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Climate Leadership Institute

In partnership with Vermont Conservation Voters, VNRC fosters informed engagement of community energy leaders in local and state policy-making and supports them in becoming decision makers in municipal and state government, including running for election to the Vermont Legislature.

For more information about how you — or someone you might know — might consider taking leadership to the next level and running for office on a clean energy and climate action platform, contact Vermont Conservation Voters at

What future are we leaving our kids?

Our future is threatened by climate change — and so are Vermont’s winters. Check out this video, where the kids say it best: Big problems demand big solutions, and we can’t do it ourselves.

Please share this video widely and make sure your elected officials are articulating a concrete, meaningful plan for progress on climate change.