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Climate Action and Resilience in Vermont: A Webinar Series

Join us for our 2022 Climate Action and Resilience in Vermont Webinar Series. Find the links to register for each session below.

We are living in pivotal times, when the decisions we make about how to transition to clean energy, manage our forests, protect our rivers and wetlands, and where and how to build housing will have lasting impacts on Vermont’s resilience to climate change.

Co-hosted with our partners, Vermont Conservation Voters (VCV) the series highlights many of our policy priorities through the lens of climate action, and how our work on forests, water, and smart growth can make Vermont more resilient to inevitable climate disruptions.

Sessions will focus on our priorities 2022 policy priorities, how we can act on the recommendations in the Climate Action Plan, the role of clean water and healthy forests, how smart growth can inform our need for affordable housing, and the need to address clean heating, transportation, and environmental justice.

Each session also addresses how all of these interconnected priorities work together to build a more resilient climate future for Vermont.


Friday, January 14 at noon: 2022 Legislative PreviewView recording here

Friday, January 21 at noon: The Role of Clean WaterView recording here

Friday, January 28 at noon: The Role of Smart Growth in Creating a More Resilient StateView recording here

Wednesday, March 16 at noon: The Role of Forests in Maintaining a Resilient State View recording here

Wednesday, March 30 at noon: MidSession Legislative Update View recording here

The dates and times for future sessions will be announced soon.