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VNRC Goes Solar, Buying Electricity from Nearby Array

VNRC and the Vermont Land Trust, with offices across the street from each other but with no space to put up their own panels, recently teamed up with Green Mountain Power to buy solar energy from a nearby array, lowering both organizations’ energy bills and greening their electric energy footprint. This exciting collaboration allows these organizations to power their offices with clean, local, renewable energy.

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boy at waters edge

Lake Champlain Cleanup: How About Some Action?

Over the past couple of weeks, there has been a lot of talk related to Lake Champlain cleanup. The problem is, it falls short of what we need for a healthy lake. Serious proposals for funding and better enforcement are necessary.

Click “read more” below to see a full op-ed on this subject by Vermont Conservation Voters Political Director Lauren Hierl.

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VNRC, Partners, Launch Energy Independence Initiative

VNRC recently joined together with a growing, diverse coalition to launch a major initiative to help Vermont forge its own energy future.

The plan, Energy Independent Vermont, aims to address global warming and build Vermont’s economy, all while doing everything possible to protect low-income Vermonters. The plan puts a price on global warming pollution generated by fossil fuel companies and uses the money to create a new fund to help Vermonters save on energy bills and save money on other taxes. Read a recent column on this issue by VNRC Director Brian Shupe.

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Water Quality Standards

Good News About Groundwater

With so much bad news circulating about our society’s – and our governments’ – inability to confront the enormous environmental challenges that we face, it is important to recognize the good news when the system works as it should and laws that were passed to protect the health and safety of citizens are put to good use. (Click “read more” below to see the rest of this op-ed by VNRC executive director Brian Shupe.)

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andrea morgante4

VNRC Honors Andrea Morgante with Art Gibb Award

VNRC recently recognized Andrea Morgante of Hinesburg with the Art Gibb Award for Individual Leadership for her community conservation efforts. Andrea received the award at VNRC’s annual meeting September 18.

“Andrea is a tireless advocate for natural resources and strong communities who has been able to build bridges among many different constituencies,” said Brian Shupe, VNRC’s executive director. “It is an honor to recognize her with this award.”


Save the Date: Creating Prosperity & Opportunity Confronting Climate Change Summit, February 18th

The Vermont Council on Rural Development is launching the Vermont Climate Economy Council at the “Creating Prosperity & Opportunity Confronting Climate Change Summit” on February 18th at Vermont Technical College. The conference is built on the premise that, confronting climate change through innovative economic development can be a competitive strategy, one that will build national reputation, create jobs, and attract youth and entrepreneurism to the states that lead. Attendees will be asked: “Where is the economic opportunity for sector and cluster development in Vermont that can be a foundation for future prosperity? What practical actions or policy directions make most sense for us to advance today?”

Start Date: December 15, 2014 8:00 am
End Date: February 17, 2015 5:00 pm

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August 2014 E-news

Fall (yes, it’s on its way) is one of our favorite times of year, for lots of reasons. Fall is a time when we celebrate VNRC, our members, and some of Vermont’s environmental leaders at our Annual Meeting. This year, it’s set for September 18 at the Old Lantern Barn in Charlotte. Please join us!


July 2014 E-News

It’s been a really busy summer at VNRC! We’ve had staff changes, plenty of policy work, exciting family expansions, and we’re now getting ready for several fall events including our annual meeting. (Pictured at left are VNRC’s Johanna Miller and Jamey Fidel at last year’s annual meeting.) Please, read on for more details about all of this and more . . .

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June 2014 E-News

This summer, VNRC is walking the walk – literally! Last Thursday, we received the Way to Go! Carbon Cup award for the small business with the highest number of participants who signed up to walk, car share, telecommute, bike, or ride public transportation during a single week in spring. The annual challenge is a great way to help us think about how we can lower our commuting impact, so we cut down on fuel use and air pollution and – for those of us who can walk or bike to work – get some exercise.

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May 2014 E-News – Special Legislative Wrap Up

Lawmakers wrapped up their work for 2014 last weekend, and overall, the news is good! From VNRC’s perspective, legislators made several very important gains on the environmental, smart growth, and energy fronts. They put in place new protections for shorelands, provisions to promote better development outside Vermont’s downtowns, and they gave a boost to solar power.

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April 2014 E-News

With legislative adjournment about three weeks away, several important conservation-related bills are moving into the home stretch. VNRC staff is tracking and testifying regularly now on a range of bills – most of which represent – for now – at least moderate gains for Vermont’s natural resources and communities.

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