2022 Wild & Scenic Film Festival

Thank you to everyone who tuned in! The films will be available on demand through Tuesday May 3rd.

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You will need to log into Qudio, the virtual theater, to get tickets and see the films. If you created an account last year, you can use the same name and password.

The on-demand recording includes the first 30 minutes of “lobby time.” Please start watching at 30 minutes in to the recording. Click here for FAQs and technical assistance. Or reach out to Colin Keegan at ckeegan@vnrc.org.


Raffle items are no longer available. Congratulations to Jennifer Larsen, Laurel Green, and Steve Wisbaum on your raffle wins!

Free Verse Farm: An assorted bundle of teas, tinctures, and lip balm handcrafted from fresh herbs grown locally in Central Vermont.
National sponsor swag: Sierra Nevada hat and tote, Earth Justice Coasters, and camp mugs from Miir and HHMI Tangled Bank Studios
Cannondale: Gear includes XL sweatshirt, orange beanie, baseball cap, water bottle, 11″ laptop case, face mask, and bottle-opener keychain

Film Program

Monarch butterfly. Photo by Sam Mgrdichian on Unsplash

Protecting the Monarch Butterfly (4 minutes)
Land restoration near Niagara Falls is giving refuge to a beloved butterfly and setting an example for wildlife protection everywhere.

Dear Pippa (8 minutes)
A woman shares with her daughter what she has learned about herself through motherhood.

Civil Society: Not on Our Soil (8 minutes)
The community of the notoriously polluted South Durban fights for a democracy that is for the people – and by the people.

Coffee plant. Photo by Gerson Cifuentes on Unsplash

Craig, America (14 minutes)
A small town, like so many, grapples with evolving from a fossil fuel past to a more sustainable future.

It’s Bean to Hot (25 minutes)
Climate change is affecting coffee production worldwide. If we don’t act now, coffee could soon be gone forever.

~Intermission (10 minutes)~

The Magical Forest and the Things (4 minutes)
Dave and Callie (6 years old) spent the first three weeks of Covid19 distancing in a make-shift shared studio now called the Quarantine Attic. It’s an original story depicting a critical yet child-like observation of human consumption habits and the social reinforcements that influence it.

A Fly Fishing Refugee (6 minutes)
A Polish dissident discovers the true reason rivers and salmon figure so prominently in his life.

The Hunt for the Asian Giant Hornet (12 minutes)
Scientists race to stop the spread of a new invasive species.

The Hunt for the Asian Giant Hornet

Shaba (12 minutes)
After losing her mother to poachers, an unruly elephant named Shaba is rescued to the mountains of northern Kenya to be rehabilitated back to the wild. The women keepers of Reteti Sanctuary have a maternal solution to soften Shaba’s heart.


West Portal Creek (24 minutes)
West Portal Creek shows how people worked together to build trust, form relationships, and work together over more than twenty years to reverse a stream’s water quality problems.

I’m a Child (3 minutes)
I’m a Child leads us on a whimsical journey to understanding the importance of coming to grips with the Climate Crisis.

Interview with Els Van Woert from Dear Pippa (10 minutes)
VNRC’s Communications Director, Makenna Goodman, interviews Els Van Woert, a local Vermonter and the writer and star of Dear Pippa. Els shares her story of finding solace in Vermont’s forests and the wonders of sharing the great outdoors with her daughter.

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With appreciation for the South Yuba River Citizens League and the Wild & Scenic Film Festival’s national partners!