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Two Things: Federal Climate Action Fail & the Power of Art

Two things: State climate action is more important than ever now that U.S. Senator Joe Manchin (D. WV), Chair of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, has announced he won’t support any climate or energy-related programs. And, VNRC welcomes our next Artist in Residence, whose work reminds us of the power and beauty integral to the natural world.

Federal Climate Action Has Gone Up in Smoke…Now What?

It hasn’t been good news at the federal level this week when it comes to climate. This week, Senator Joe Manchin, who chairs the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, announced he wouldn’t support or fund any climate or energy programs. With the hope of federal action to combat climate change dashed, action at state level becomes more important than ever. Unfortunately, at this important moment, Vermont’s Governor has stymied climate progress by vetoing the most significant policy solutions that have reached his desk.

But there has been some important progress this legislative session, including an unprecedented amount of federal dollars coming into Vermont – and over $200 million committed to climate action. And these investments would never have happened without the calls made year after year by thousands of Vermonters, demanding Vermont’s elected officials take the climate crisis seriously.

Read more about this year’s climate successes in Vermont.

VNRC Welcomes New Vermont Artist in Residence: Jill Madden of Weybridge

From July through September, VNRC is proud to present artwork from Jill Madden, whose exhibit, a mixture of oil paintings on linen and gouache paintings on watercolor paper, explores the unique wilderness areas of the Green Mountains.  This swath of mountains, rivers and forest along the spine of the Green Mountains has become Madden’s primary studio space, with shifting seasons, light sources, temperatures, and textures highlighting the contrasts that often exist between experience and memory. The two depictions of the Norske Trail pictured here, composed on topographic maps, establish a strong sense of place and interconnectedness, a recurring theme in Madden’s work.  You can see more of her work at www.jillmadden.com

VNRC continues to seek out local artists whose work connects with or complements our mission to protect and enhance our natural environments and wildlife, vibrant communities, productive working landscapes, rural character and unique sense of place.  For inquiries or to arrange a visit, contact Alex Connizzo at [email protected].