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Reconnecting Rivers and Restoring Ecosystems

What: Karina Dailey, Ecological Restoration Coordinator at VNRC, will discuss ways to restore ecosystems and the relationships between rivers, dams, and other bodies of water, with an emphasis on collaborative work across various organizations and agencies.
When: Thursday, April 8
Time: 4-5pm
Register: https://www.lcmm.org/learn/dams-in-the-champlain-valley/april-8-registration/

This event is part of the Dams in the Champlain Valley Speaker Series, a free online lecture series exploring the impact of dams on the Lake Champlain watershed. The series is presented by the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum.

All sessions are free to attend, and registration is required to receive a link to each session. For accessibility requests, please contact us at info@lcmm.org or 802-475-2022 x106 at least one week prior to the start of the program. All sessions will be recorded. Register and learn more here: https://www.lcmm.org/learn/dams-in-the-champlain-valley/

Background: There are hundreds of dams around Lake Champlain, ranging from small dams from the early 1800s to the large modern hydro-electric dams. These human-made structures were the earliest way to supply power to Champlain Valley industry, and dams can still serve important purposes today. Yet the introduction of dams into our ecosystem has had immense and unintended consequences. The story of dams in the Champlain Valley is one of individual ownership, collective good, environmental impact, habitat connectivity, and more.