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Portage, Paddle, & Parade – Bellows Falls

Parade around the Bellows Falls dam to highlight the need for better portage routes and recreational access to the Connecticut River!

Date: Saturday, July 17
Time: 11am-12:30pm
Location: Pine Street Boat Launch
11 Pine Street
Walpole, NH 03609
Register: Click here to sign up.

Hydroelectric facilities create obstacles to river recreation. Because of that, hydro companies are required to accommodate for recreation as part of their operating licenses. Join Connecticut River Conservancy, Appalachian Mountain Club, American Whitewater, and other recreation partners to highlight recreation investments these hydro companies should be making in our local communities as part of their new operating licenses being finalized now.

Two Portage Paddle Parades will focus on much needed upgrades to portage routes around the Bellows Falls and Turners Falls Dams as examples of infrastructure investments that would benefit our local communities. Join us on 7/17 in Bellows Falls (7/10 in Turners Falls) for a short press event to learn about the issues, followed by a public parade along the proposed portage routes. This is your opportunity to speak up for the river and your recreation rights. Tell the hydro companies you want better access to the river.  Bring signs & noise makers!

These hydro companies are using the public’s river. You can help highlight recreation investments they should be making as part of their new operating licenses that will be finalized soon and will remain in place for the next 30-50 years.

Learn more at CRC’s website.

Image by Rodrigo de Mendoza in Unsplash