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New Year, New Opportunities

From Hannah Huber, Energy & Climate Community Organizer
I’m an organizer at Vermont Natural Resources Council. Over the past two years, my work has focused on supporting Vermont communities as we work towards a new energy future that is more just, sustainable, and solutions-oriented.
My new year’s resolution for 2018 is to see our state chart a bold course to reduce our greenhouse gas pollution emissions, while inspiring hope, action, and results for all Vermonters.

Please consider supporting VNRC to make this resolution a reality.
Hope. If you’re like me, reading the daily news has become an exercise in staying calm and dedicated in the face of opposition. At the federal level, we’re facing unprecedented rollbacks, decimated funding for critical programs, and a complete lack of leadership in addressing the biggest challenges facing our working families and communities. At VNRC, we never stop believing that a more just and sustainable world is possible. Every day, I am inspired by the VNRC staff, members, and supporters I work with who never give up and who are making headway. In 2018, I remain hopeful that Vermont will step up and show the country that a different path is possible.
Action. As Americans and Vermonters, we’re expected to participate in the democratic process – and that participation is what keeps our system on track. It has never been more clear that who we elect matters, and that Vermont can play an important role in demonstrating that safeguards for our forests, farms, communities, and waters increase the wellbeing of Vermonters and strengthen our economy.
Results. From living rooms to court rooms to the State House, VNRC is fighting for what matters to our families. Your support makes our work possible, and I am dedicated because I care about all Vermont communities. Small changes add up to big impact, and I invite you to join us in keeping Vermont the place we know and love.
None of this would be possible without you. Please consider giving today. Thank you for your continued hope and action – we’re in this together for 2018 and beyond!