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Introducing the Vermont Association for Wetland Science, Inc. (VAWS)

East Middlebury, VT

One of Vermont’s newest nonprofits is seeking members.

A group of about 20 dedicated Vermont professionals has been working together for several months to  form a new wetland organization. As of January 2023, the Vermont Association for Wetland Science, Inc. (VAWS) is a public benefit corporation registered as a nonprofit with the Vermont Secretary of State.  

A primary goal of VAWS is providing Vermont-specific continuing education in the field of wetland  science across multi-disciplinary professions and learning opportunities for the general public. In 

September 2022, VAWS held its first field workshop which was focused on floodplain wetland  restoration along the Otter Creek. The workshop attracted 23 attendees and featured presenters  including a soil scientist, a botanist, and 2 wildlife biologists. Click here to read about the VAWS’ 2022 workshop last fall.

Planning efforts are currently underway for the first VAWS Winter Workshop and Annual Meeting to be held on Friday, March 24th near Montpelier, VT. Numerous presentations during this full-day event will  be covering a variety of topics with the overall theme being wetland related. Additional field workshops are being planned for the 2023  growing season.  

The VAWS email list currently includes professionals from 14 consulting companies, 3 nonprofits, 5  government agencies, and Vermont Technical College. Membership is open to all people interested in  wetland science, and members receive discounts on workshop fees. If you are interested in participating  in VAWS, please visit the website at www.vermontwetlandscience.org or contact the Board of Directors at vermontwetlandscience@gmail.com.