Climate Dispatch — June 12, 2020: Ben Edgerly Walsh

In this week’s Climate Dispatch, VNRC’s Johanna Miller and VPIRG’s Ben Edgerly Walsh discuss the importance of centering equity and justice in environmental advocacy, and provide an update on the Global Warming Solutions Act.

We know that climate justice and racial justice are deeply connected, particularly given that those who are most impacted by climate disruptions are also those facing systemic racism and economic disadvantage. We are committed to deep personal and organizational reflection in thinking about how we show up in this moment, particularly in support of black people and people of color.

Below, we’ve shared some resources below that our organizations have compiled to deepen thinking about the interconnectedness of racial and environmental justice.

The Global Warming Solutions Act is one framework that could help address these issues by making sure equity is at the center of climate solutions in our state.

Call to Action: Contact your state senator today and urge them to pass the Global Warming Solutions Act before the legislature recesses at the end of next week! 

Resources on Racial and Climate Justice