Climate Dispatch—July 23, 2021: Climate Council updates & infrastructure package

Today’s episode

It’s been a while! In this week’s Climate Dispatch, VNRC’s Johanna Miller and VCV’s Lauren Hierl provide a high-level overview of what’s happening with the Vermont Climate Council, a quick look forward to the 2022 legislative session, and a peek into a federal infrastructure, jobs, and climate package that will have big implications for Vermont.

At its monthly meeting on Monday, July 26th, the Council will hear—for the first time—initial recommendations from the three policy subcommittees on pathways and strategies to consider incorporating into the required Climate Action Plan. This meeting will help set the frame for a deeper conversation — and action — to advance the type and scale of strategies required.

Call to action

Find the Council’s full agenda here and join in on Monday if you can! The public are welcome to attend.

An important complement to this state-led effort is the work happening in Washington to advance an infrastructure bill that also invests in clean energy, jobs, and justice. Vermont’s Congressional Delegation, including Senator Bernie Sanders, as chairman of the budget committee, are pressing hard for ensuring a focus on equitable climate action in this package.

Click here to tell your elected officials that an infrastructure package MUST include investments tackling climate change.